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Full Version: MyPS Buy Into Usergroup?
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Can someone upgrade it to MyBB 1.4?
I second this I really need this as I'm sure other people do.
Yes, I am sure a lot of use need this.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!
So is that a yes?
Yes it's nearly done. I mean it's like 98% right now. Finishing touches tomorrow and then it's off for release.
Thanks! Oh, and the forum somehow lost it's Image Directory...
Does that mean the MYPS shop is going to be available soon?
Shops isn't going to be too soon since I want to do awards next. Plus I just got a custom job which is going to be a surprise. It's custom for someone else but I am going to use it as part of another plugin I have planned. Smile mwahahhaah
oh cool. Any idea on how long the shops system may be? It'd make an awesome intergration on my current forum, and since you reply to questions, am i allowed you use the plugins on more than one of my forums?
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