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Full Version: deepstats
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In my forum what still running on 1.2 I am using more stats as the regulary one. Those stats mod was made by Zahler and was a part of a mod (sideboxes) that I do not use anymore. For some stats he wrote a small code.
This code did work only when I used the side boxes, so I did not deactivate that code in mybb 1.2 only some modification so that the sideboxes did not show up.

After testing a creating my testforum I am almost ready to do the big upgrade to 1.4 but I am still missing my lovely stats.
My question is can somebody redesign the code bellow so it works for 1.4

PHP Code:
//Start deep stats
$timesearch time() - $mybb->settings['wolcutoffmins']*60;
$query $db->query("SELECT uid FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."sessions WHERE time>'$timesearch' ORDER BY time DESC");
$users_count 0;
$guest_count 0;
$on_line $db->fetch_array($query))
$on_line['uid'] == 0)
$total_online $users_count $guest_count;
$oneday_timesearch time() - (60*60*24);
$query $db->query("SELECT sid FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."sessions WHERE time>'$oneday_timesearch'");
$today_online $db->num_rows($query);
//Forum stats
$stats $cache->read("stats");

$newestmember "no-one";
$newestmember build_profile_link($stats['lastusername'], $stats['lastuid']);
$total_posts my_number_format($stats['numposts']);
$total_threads my_number_format($stats['numthreads']);
$total_users =  my_number_format($stats['numusers']);
//Posts today
$total_posts_today $db->num_rows($db->query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts WHERE dateline>'$oneday_timesearch'"));
$onehour_timesearch time() - (60*60);
$total_posts_lasthour $db->num_rows($db->query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts WHERE dateline>'$onehour_timesearch'")); 

See the code at work on and scroll down till forumstats (at the end).

For 1.2 it was easy to add those stats I only had to put for example $total_posts_today and the stats of the post that where made today where in my stats.

I hope somebody can design the stats for

visitors today:
postings today:
postings last hour:
total users omnline:
Because those ones I am missing on my (till now) test forum

Kind regards,

Robert de Kort