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Full Version: Discuss Admin-Administration Website
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We are a new Administration Community nearing our 1 Month after opening. Please register!
Nice site, but the header is WAY too big.
Oh, sorry. We have been receiving that report a lot lately. We will be changing it to a fluid header and a new theme.

Good site, I like the forum icons can I rip it? (LOL)
That theme is made by ivgeo.

You can ask there. Anyhow andreas has been on preview for ages. It maybe a while. Vintagedaddyo said he's been real busy lately.
I think you have some great elements and then in threads it gets lost with some pretty ugly stuff.

That NEW image near threads is just too large (jump.gif)

[Image: jump.gif]

Then inside threads there is that misplaced ackward pencil background that's in some posts but not others. Is that needed? If so then make it smaller and more appropriate for your forum theme. A giant pencil doesn't cut it.

I wonder if these are the elements you added yourself to the theme. Either way you may want to consider adjustments. You're taking away from what otherwise appears to be a very pro looking site.

Try this attached jump.gif and see how you like it.
K, thanks.
Just changed themes, how is the website now?
We have added a directory which will increase your PR.
A lot of tutorials too!