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Full Version: Contest Points System (Urgent....)
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You can base this off of MyPS, pretty sure it'll work out.
I am going to running a contest based on who has the most points by December 31st. It is similiar to MyPS, but I need more features and make sure they can't donate them. You're thinking "Why not turn off the donating feature and use MyPS instead then?" Well, I already installed MyPS. Here are the features I need:

Points for:
-Every Character Extra Points
-Time Spent on Forum
-Extra Points for Specific Forum they start thread in
-No Points for specific Forum they post/start thread in

-Ability for staff to award points with a maximum of how much they can reward in total a day
-Ability to count points from a date and after that date. Example: If I set the date to August 12th, any posts, reputations, threads, referrals, etc won't count towards points

Thanks! I really really need this plugin and hopefully by the end of this week. I really really need it! Thanks again!
Referrals -We had points for referrals in 1.2x but I will probably add it to 1.4x MYPS core. This assume that good hooks are involved and I can simply do it.

Time Spent Online - We don't have anything for that yet. You would need something custom as I have not plans on adding that myself just yet.

Extra Points for Specific Forum - I plan on adding myps settings for FID % increase. An extra field will get added to forum table where a % will be added. Then you can alter each fid to give 10% extra or heck 10% less. Smile Whatever you feel. However this is not a current feature and is a couple releases away.

Reputation - Fairly easy to add a hook in the plugin file for this. The problem is that Mybb allows for reputation to be altered so I have to see how that function all works and where the hooks are located.

Ability for staff to award X per day - hmm...more complex and a less desirable feature imho. If you can't trust your staff to only give out X per day without an addon then imho they shouldn't be on staff.

Ability to count points from X date - geez that's a tough one. You would need to log all actions of myps with a timestamp..that's ALL ACTIONS...every thread, post, donation, or whatever else you have in settings. I guess the best method would be to create a marker point and record all myps. Then you can create a stop point then compare. It's the only doable method that doesn't create pure chaos. This would have to be a seperate addon for myps but it's possible. Shouldn't be too hard. You can use LEX's backup system for myps probably as a base.

Quote:Thanks! I really really need this plugin and hopefully by the end of this week. I really really need it! Thanks again!

And I need a million dollars by tomorrow but guess's not gonna happen for either of us. Sorry but your request is pretty brutal. For one it's custom work. For another even if I was to be paid..I probably couldn't complete it by the end of the week anyways. You're gonna have to make some decisions and adjustments to both your expectations and time-frames.
K then, is next month ok? Or maybe longer...
Everything I stated as custom would have to be paid work or done by someone else.

The rest I really don't have specific timeframes for.
Ah, ok, I understand. Just for my knowledge, if it was paid, specifically what would be the range?