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Full Version: MYPS problem
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I've uploaded the MYPS plugin and activated it and uploaded the other files I was suppose to and I even have its Board Settings in but when I look under my user on my forum it doesn't have MYPS just only post
You may need to make a manual edit to your postbit.

Look in postbit_author_user and find this:


After add this:

<!-- MYPS --!>

That should do it.
Thanks that works but also on our user profile...I can't donate some credits to other users like it doesn't have that option in fact it doesn't even show how many credits he/she has on her profile
It's probably another template edit that didn't work.

Here are the 4 edits that should have worked:

Quote: find_replace_templatesets("member_profile", '#{\$profilefields}#', "{\$profilefields}\n{\$mypsfields}");
find_replace_templatesets("stats", '#{\$footer}#', "{\$mypsstats}\n{\$footer}");
find_replace_templatesets("postbit_author_user", '#'.preg_quote('{$post[\'replink\']}').'#', '{$post[\'replink\']}<!-- MYPS --!>');
find_replace_templatesets("usercp_nav_misc", '#</tbody>#', "<tr><td class=\"trow1 smalltext\"><a href=\"myps.php?action=history\" style=\"padding-left: 23px;background: url('images/usercp/myps.gif') no-repeat left center;\">MYPS History</a></td></tr></tbody>");

By any chance did you add a theme AFTER you installed the plugin? Because if you did then the new theme templates won't have the changes and you will need to manually add them. I advise anyone that if they are building aforum to first do the theme as many plugins require template edits.
i had the theme before i uploaded the plugin
upload pluging before check