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Full Version: What is you're favorite plugin or modification for Mybb.
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Seems the official Mybb forum is down at the moment so I decided to post a thread here.

What is you're favorite plugin or modification for Mybb?

Mine has to be the game section, but I very much like labrocca's plugins such as MyPS, the new ads plugin, I also like LeX's Advanced Bad word filter plugin among others.Big Grin
I think mine is the IPN subscription module..or maybe My Ad Manager...grr...or maybe it's MYPS...well..I do like Ficons. So much to choose from!
For me its Labroccas ads plugin no question. Earns me $ hehehe.
But thats for 1.4. I really cant wait for MYPS to kick. Thats my favorite but not yet up to its potential. I for one am eagerly awaiting the further modules... Perhaps integration for games. A casino a bank etc etc... yep... thats my Christmas list.
Too many for me to pick a favorite. I know when I first create a new forum, one of the first plugins I install is CraKteR's Important Messages plugin so I can add a welcome message. Smile
Ficons, MYPS, Sideboxes, Online 24 Tongue
MYPS is very useful, so i reckon it's one of my favourites
i like IPN subscription
(Oct 08, 2008, 11:56 AM)TruSnake Wrote: [ -> ]i like IPN subscription

Maybe you should subscribe then to get it. Big Grin
The Overview plugin because it make me feel that I use Vbulletin even not really. (LOL)
one usefull plygin is the Thread Tooltip Preview.

I thinks is usefull on large boards and the user find anything faster.
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