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Full Version: Horizontal to vertical Postbit Profile Like VB
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Hi! i want to know if it is possible to develop a plugin for vertical postbit just like vbulletin Vertical Postbit. WITH USER INFORMATION PLACED IN RECTANGULAR BOX WHOSE COLOR AND FONT ARE CUSTOMISABLE VIA ADMIN CP

Sreen Shot:

[Image: bar.jpg]
You can edit postbit_classic to suit your needs I believe. Also look at postbit_author_user too.

So this is already customizable in the admincp just use the templates.
i don't know how to do so can you explain and include screen shot please
Use html code and the css. I can't provide screenshots at this time as this is really fundamental mybb.

Go into admincp -> Templates & Styles -> choose "Templates" from left nav -> click "Search/Replace

Scroll down then look for "Search Template Titles". Enter "postbit_classic" or "postbit_author_user". Each is used to create the postbit. Edit them to your liking. You do need to know html. If you need to learn html then try

Hope that helps.
Why so difficult?

In you admin you have the option:
Board Settings ->Show Thread Options

Quote:Post Layout
Allows you to switch between the classic and new horizontal layout modes. Classic mode shows the author information to the left of the post, horizontal shows the author information above the post.
_ Display posts using the horizontal post layout
_ Display posts using the classic layout

When you click Display posts using the classic layout it should be like the old way, right?
But this isn't working...I still see it the new horizontal way...

any help?
Change it in your userCP as well under "Options"
I did, but no changes at all. Still the horizontal layout Sad
The UCP will change it for you, ACP for guests and new users.
Dennis add your forum to your usercp here. It makes it easier to look at your site.

And do you have a legit 1.4x template ?
My forum is private...for some reasons, so I can't do that.

But i set everything right I guess:

Show Thread Options
->Display posts using the classic layout

And in my UserCP

Board Style:
->Use Default.

Anymore options that i should change to get the old postview style?
And yes I've got a legit style for 1.4

BUT the default template shows errors!
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