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Full Version: where do you download your mybb plugin`s?
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i`m interested to know where you download your plugin`s.

For Example i download my plugin`s at
I get mine from, and also from here
well i usely just google for el


On the offical myBB mod page
Thanks. Another MYBB mod site to clog up my tabs on firefox. Such a busy community! I love it Smile


I just use MyBB Mods. It's got a pretty good selection of mods.
Yeah, other than the mybb community board, the mods board and here, I guess the only other places I have gotten them are Dennis' and Zaher's boards. But I think they have their plugins on the mods board??
MyBB Mods is full of shiny goodies.
However, there are some really interesting features here, either.


I get mine from, from here and from some private forums.... there are much options...