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Full Version: Urgent Help Attachment problems
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Hi! i am using mybb 1.4 and i'm having problems with the attachments. When registered user is making new post when they try to attach a file they can't do it. They clicked browse and select the file and upload it but the file don't get attached please help me i really need this help.
This has been mentioned a lot on the MyBB forums and is, I think by now, a known bug.

Just make the post and do a full edit and upload then, that gets it to work.
Seems this might have to do with cache. Try to rebuild your attachment cache. There are a few people reporting this problem at mybb and I haven't been told the cause yet.
Edit Line 142 of newthread.php


if($_FILES['attachment']['size'] > 0 && $forumpermissions['canpostattachments'] != 0 && $mybb->settings['maxattachments'] == 0 && $attachcount < $mybb->settings['maxattachments'])


if($_FILES['attachment']['size'] > 0 && $forumpermissions['canpostattachments'] != 0 && ($mybb->settings['maxattachments'] == 0 || $attachcount < $mybb->settings['maxattachments']))

That should fix it.