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Can anyone please guide me how to embed a .swf file in a post / thread? I guess it would be mycode...

I use a plugin to do this for me. I did get it from mybboard forum. Now this is a 1.2 plugin but works fine for 1.4. It can actually play .swf .flv and .mp3 which is cool. Comes with its own player etc. I find it great as i do loads of flash work and like to post them on the forum.
Now i did a quick search and did not see it there at my mybboard but i know its there somewhere in the old plugins. So yea just look through the old 1.2 plugins and you will find it.


Not the plugin im using but it will do the job.
Its like 12 different video types also. Not bad actually. 1.4 compatible.
thx for the info actually I installed this plugin 2 days ago and it didn't play .swf file thats why I made a request here.
Do you want them to play from attachments? Or from a site? It would be cool from attachments imho for swf's to play.

And who do you want to be able to embed swf's? Everyone?
Playing from attachments is a nice idea, but as of now I want to play from a site. I want this feature so that I can embed some free networking tutorials on my forum.

Not sure about who should be able to embed it. I am sure you have something in your mind. Is it going to be something different if only a selected group members are able to post as compared to everyone?
I play from my site because i some times like to post up adult content and there is no other place to host it. Also i make my own flash presentations on occasion and like to post them on my forum to discuss them. Also the plugin i use can play .mp3 also which i really find cool as i like to post up music from time to time. Its actually one of my most used plugins actually.
man if you can play .swf files then tell.
I am not sure if im allowed to do it but i will try pack it up and post it here. I think its just the player and the plugin so should be simple. I will test it on another site. So give me 20 min.
Yes it does play .swf .flv and .mp3

I just tested it on another forum and it works. Now its just 2 files. The player which goes in the root directory and the plugin which goes in inc/plugins.
Then activate as usual. Then you can play .swf .flv and .mp3 with the
[flv] [/flv] tag


If im not allowed to do this then sorry. Just trying to help out.
Thx bro, let me try it out.
This thing is brilliant thx....

Check this out

Thx again.
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