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Full Version: Any of these possible?
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A user on my forum request these features

Quote:Friends, profile views (member name + hit counter), displaying the members name who are currently accessing the thread and displaying the thread opening date while mouse pointed.

Please let me know if any of these is possible.
Friends = buddy list

Profile Views? What's that? Do you mean a hit counter on each members profile? Yes that's posssible but imho worthless. Better to use the actual guestbook plugin that's floating around at mybb.

Members viewing thread - Already exists for forums but on threads that would add imho a lot of overhead. Yes it's possible but unlikely I will make it unless there is great demand and I would totally discourage it.

"displaying the thread opening date while mouse pointed" - Sounds silly. I hate to do mods for the sake of doign them. This should be easy to accomplish if you really want it. Probably can be done with a simple plugin or even just a template edit.
Thx for the reply. Smile

Yes I figured out about friends = buddies
Profile view / hits counter is feature of IP.B
Members viewing thread same as online.php
displaying the thread opening date while mouse pointed - I guess he means tooltip info.
There was a profile view plugin for 1.2.x, I installed it but it was a bit pointless. It counted guests and bots and you couldn't see who actually viewed.
LOL yep thats really pointless.
To see WHO viewed a page might require a lot of useless database space. Better to have a guestbook. Straightforward.