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Full Version: Meta Tags problem
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I'm aware that this is for a plugin that wasn't created here, but perhaps one of you could assist me in finding where to remove the double entries.

I'm using the SpiceFuse SEO plugin and it displays two meta description tags.

It looks like this:

PHP Code:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
meta name="description" content="etc" />

meta http-equiv="Content-Script-Type" content="text/javascript" />
meta name="description" content="etc" /> 

I saw a thread about this in the official MyBB forums as well as on the author's site but no solutions. I suspect that there's two entries somewhere in the template file. But which template file? I did a search for meta and couldn't find it. Also before all this code at the very top it says:

"<!-- start: headerinclude -->"

Thanks in advance,
Use My Meta Tags plugin instead.
That SEO plugin is garbage and the author hasn't updated it since release despite many bugs.
Bet Brad you are right and he is lazy too.
With the new SEF urls of mybb 1.4 I don't see much need for the SEO plugin overall.
Well I wouldn't necessarily insult the author of the SEO plugin for being lazy as he did fix the first issues when he released the plugin, and then he just "disappeared" pretty much. But if you look at his profile you'll notice that he hasn't logged onto his own forum as well so he might be busy which is understandable. And IMO insulting plugin authors doesn't help much as they get discouraged.

Anyway, the problem with the normal MyBB SEF is that it doesn't change the thread titles to something more SEO friendly. For example using that plugin it would turn this thread into meta-tags-problem-etc.html rather than thread-1695.html which is what the core SEF does.

As for combing your Meta Tag with the SEO plugin it might work, I'll give that a try. Because besides the Meta Tag issue it seems functional, the only other problem is that it causes conflict with the online today plugin, but I'm currently not using that.
I haven't looked at that plugin but removing his meta tags should be an easy task.

Can you give me a link to the file you are using and I can problem tell you what to change.
Comment out this line:

$page = preg_replace('#<meta(.+?) />#', "\\0{$meta_tag}", $page);

Thats should do it I guess.
Thanks that worked. I also removed the other stuff in that section that pertained to showing the tags and it worked without any problems.