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Full Version: Lock Individual Post from Editing/Deletion
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I'd find it incredibly useful if you could lock individual posts from being edited or deleted by the author. When a user makes a post that they are warned show, I usually edit it to put in, (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST) and I'd like to be able to stop those posts from being edited and deleted after that.
Yes that's possible in a variety of ways. None of them too appealing imho. I like to measure the results against the requirements to see if it's worth it.

There are so many ways to deal with members like that. Not sure if creating an entire plugin which will most likely need database changes to work is the best method. about this? What if it checks last editedby column and if it's a moderator it won't allow the edit? I think that's doable without any edits or column changes. Let me look into that.

EDIT: I did it. It's nice...hooks were exactly where I needed them to be.