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Full Version: [Request] Dear Santa....
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hi all xD this is not a xmas post xDDD anyway my request is:

i would like to get a plugin tht make me able to create a table where to add my own images/words/links/news i don't think is hard but i'm noob so i can't do it by my self XD Big Grin
something like the attachement under ^^
lol...maybe you can explain better for us...

Are you asking for a custom page system? Or a full CMS?

There is a decent "custom pages" plugin by another author already.
i mean ... figure in ur mind a page, a standard mybb page... now under the
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there is a table where u can insert all html/php codes then under tht the forum
Ugh..there are a number of ways to create a custom page. There is the custom pages plugin. You can create a page yourself too. It's not extremely difficult. There are some tutorials at Mybb for how to do it.
oh i see ^^ i'm gonna seek for it
ah but the point is tht: i DON'T WANT to create a page i just want add a table in my index... how do i do tht?
index template will allow for html edits from admincp
ahhh right thx man ! ^^