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Full Version: South African Motorcycling Forum
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Being an owner of a 2008 GSXR 1000 i am very interested in your forum Faust. Got loads of members i see also. Yep i think i will join.
Careful, a lot of banter and stuff happens in our native tonque, a lot of it is in english, but there are some of it in afrikaans.
Might not join then. No offense. But im Aussie and have enough issues with that now.
Like i said no offense.
Lol..none would be like suicide..
LOL if i was not so busy on mine i would take you up on the offer. Shit i could plug my bike forum but choose not to yet lol.
Lets face it. A modified 2008 GSXR 1000 speaks for itself. WIN WIN. lol.
Yes but you Aussies are crazy..we all know that..
lol cheers bloke.... Here is a quick vid of me burning some rubber well 2 actually. I plan to take one in next couple of days of a good monno. I ride this bitch on the back wheel every day. I ride it to work and well everywhere and everywhere i go i am on back wheel. I have so far had it up to about 330kmph which was fun to say the least. lol. Im just a bike nut. I will die this way no question.
I think you might have a few too many unnecessary forums, and the theme could use some more customizing.