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Full Version: MYPS - Loyalty Gifts
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I do not know if this has been asked, did a search and saw a lot of shop type requests and stuff, however I did not see anything where you would be able to use MYPS points to buy real live items. Making the myps points a currency.

I am thinking of maybe integrating the points to something like zencart or other commercial shopping cart thing.

Anybody done something similar ?
Could Ryan Ashbrook's shop be modded to do this ?
i would like to have it too... up ^_^
This is part of the project list already that I have for MYPS but it's a long way off. Maybe a year or more even. It's going to depend on what's happening by spring.
An impractical way of doing this would be simply to make a thread with all the items you have up for "sale" and list their price in the points system.

Then have the members donate you the amount of points along with a message stating what they want. Sure it's not as automated as you'd like it to be, but it's a decent workaround. I do something very similar actually and it works.
labrocca, if I come up with something in the meantime, I will send you the code, maybe it can safe you some time.
Actually CoDPlay3r, not a bad idea, create a "shop" phantom account, let the shop post ask donations for items. Thank you for the short term solutions