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Full Version: Long Links
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If we post a long URL it gets shortened up. Is there a way to fix it?

If I delete this stuff..... will it work?


PHP Code:
if($name == $url && (!isset($this->options['shorten_urls']) || $this->options['shorten_urls'] != 0))
my_strlen($url) > 55)
$name my_substr($url040)."...".my_substr($url, -10);

Just comment it out.


Add that to the front of each line.

You can also lengthen it from 55 to maybe...100 characters...or edit the 40 to be 80 so that it doesn't shorten as much. IMHO it's a good idea to have this feature.
Thx I agree that this is a good feature.....but some of my other silly members want to disable this feature