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Full Version: so slow forum...why?
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hi guys!!! i don't know if tht is the correct zone to post this if not move it ^^
anyway let's go to the point:

my website is so slow in loading! why? i tryed to compress with gpz at 9 lvl but nothing difference... my users are a bit bored of these long times for loading... how do i fast it?
Get rid of shoutbox and that ugly thing you have on the top.
u mean the table ahaha xD
LOL there is no need to laugh he is right thats ugly and its taking time to load. BTW which theme are you using?
WTF is this Laughing man or were you hacked by him..... lol either way i find this to be quite ironic.
The only bugger to ever hack me... well not really hack hey laughing man!!! But deface a website of mine YES.