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Full Version: can not download
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Why require for the testing forum?
You can't alter mybb to require by forum. It's a permission that's based on group only.

Wanna think again?

MyBB 1.4.

Just click "Edit Permissions" next to the row of checkboxes under permissions for a certain forum. There you can fine-tune like this.
Ahh..yeah...but what forum should I give download access to?

All the downloads that matter are restricted to members.
This testing forum, why restrict downloads from normal users?
Well realistically if I allowed some forums I would probably have even more people get confused why they can't download off the site.


... ... But back to the point, was just a suggestion. :|
Lex agreed to offer his plugins here exclusively. Unfortunately he ain't around anymore but that doesn't matter our deal for exclusivity still stands.
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