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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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I need some help on this guys Smile
Our medals we use are big, so they push everything over in the post.
[Image: 6f5f0z.jpg]

This member has 3 medals, and will get even more at some point.
What we need is to have it like before on our 1.2 board. Then medals must be placed going down the side. 1 medal per row.
[Image: 303k3le.gif]

Can you help me on what needs to be changed?
This is a perfect system, only this small change we need to fit our board.

Thanks !
Alter the plugin file.

Find this:

$awards .= "<img src=\"uploads/awards/".$results['awimg']."\" alt=\"".$results['awname']."\" />";

And alter it for your own needs. If you want a break after each this:

$awards .= "<img src=\"uploads/awards/".$results['awimg']."\" alt=\"".$results['awname']."\" /><br />";
Super.. works great. Thanks labrocca Smile

I do have an idea for future updates of this great plugin.
I have deleted a medal by accident by clicking the delete.. hehe I know stupid of me.

May be a good idea to add "delete medal ?" after clicking on delete.. then select "yes" or "no".
No biggie, but if you make the mistake i did, soon as you click it.. poof ...its gone along with everyones medal.

Just a thought Smile

Thanks for your time bro!
Darn, its remembering the last medals i did.. repeating them more then once.
I deactivated the plugin.. and reactivated it again.. did not help.

Any ideas?
Check your postibit_author_user probably have <!-- AWARDS --> more than once. Activate the plugin and then just make sure it's shown one time.
yup, that did it. Thank you!
Please, you can post this award but free?
I don't think that will be happening.
(Nov 29, 2008, 10:18 AM)Aeroxis Wrote: [ -> ]Please, you can post this award but free?

That's not going to happen. Subscribe.
How can i find some basic award logos for my site ? Has anyone got any i could use even if they are just the medals please

I did a quick search in the thread so sorry if I missed something...

Is MYPS integration planned/exist? I.e. give a certain no. of points for each award?