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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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Excellent that worked, all sorted thanks!
Also use this admin file instead. I will update the package. This fixes the delete issue. I screwed up an early function I wrote with a later function.'s all good though as it's improved anyways. When you delete an award it will also remove it from all users and correct the award count.
Hopefully not too many bugs will be found but I will fix them immediately and update.
Doing anything on the First Adminstrator (one made when you install MyBB) works fine and is great But if I have another Admin they get this error come up when they press My Awards in the user and Groups section

Also im having a problem deleting. If i press delete it shows it as empty but if you refresh it will come back, i cant see how too delete.

Any help here.

Many Thanks


PS Plugin Is Excellent Well Done! Labrocca
since adding this even after deactivating you cant see members posts only the postbit?????

adding this
<br /><!-- AWARDS --!>
Caused the problem?
Are you sure that's not from another plugin he is trying to install?

I see a /c/module_meta isn't found...that's because it doesn't exist. I don't believe this is related to my plugin unless I have a typo somewhere.

EDIT: OK found the problem from above is a change in the permissions system. Doesn't effect super admin though. I will fix it asap. Still learning all the new changes to admincp.

Quote:since adding this even after deactivating you cant see members posts only the postbit?????

Can you PLEASE post a link to your site. I can't tell what's up without seeing it. And can you post the contents of your postbit_author_user template?
This is awesome ... I'll be able to make much use of this. Thanks!
Ok...1.1 is released with 2 fixes.

1. The admin permissions weren't setup properly as there are changes from the function of 1.2x to 1.4x. I have adjusted accordingly and you can use the admin permissions area to set for other admins now.

2. The comment tag was wrong in postbit_author_user. It's <!-- AWARDS --> not <!-- AWARDS --!>

hehe...both fixed in package. To upgrade you can just upload all files then manually edit your postbit_author_user to reflect the change in part 2.

Thanks and continue to help me polish this off.
Ok, that error message has now been removed. But now i get

Access Denied
You do not have permission to access this part of the administration control panel.

How do i give this account control?

Many Thanks

Dammit..sorry about that. Seems one file wasn't the latest version of my fixes. I hate that.

Anyways..package fixed.

Quote:How do i give this account control?

Set admin permissions under "Users and Groups" then "Admin Permissions" look for Users area and on the bottom is the choice for "Can Manage Awards" so click that yes and save.
Just installed and it is brilliant, as usual.

One possible feature for the future - I'd like a PM to be sent when an award is added, think that would be useful, and then you could congratulate them or something, or just let them know they got it.

One more thing...

labrocca Wrote:It's awards.php of course.

Isn't it myawards.php??