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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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Follow install instructions. Did you chmod the awards folder 777 so it's writable?
Yes I did, I might try doing it again.
hey, i cant download the attachment...

"dont have permission"
You need to be a subscriber Smile
how to become subscriber?
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Was explained in a PM.
I'm having trouble placing the awards between the message post & signature or below the signature entirely.

I tried placing: <!-- AWARDS -->
Into postbit & postbit_signature, but nothing appears. It seems to only work in postbit_author_user

Our awards is fairly big and we're using classic layout style. So if it can be placed above or below the signature, that'd be much better.

Thanks for reading & hopefully for some help Smile
Any idea at all?
You will need to change the awards_postbit() function in the plugin file.

$post['user_details'] = str_replace("<!-- AWARDS -->", $awards, $post['user_details']);

Change that to:

$post['awards'] = $awards;

Then place {$post['awards']} where you need it. This is untested. And also you might want to change the rest of the function's html to match your changes.
Just tested, it shows the number of awards the person has, 1, 0 etc
But not the actual awards Sad