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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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I mean I hadn't installed My Awards 1.0, just My Awards 1.1a
What version of php are you running?

And can you PM me FTP and admincp access?
PHP version 5.2.6
(Oct 11, 2008, 05:17 PM)dieselv2 Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Warning [2] Illegal offset type in isset or empty - Line: 55 - File: admin/modules/user/module_meta.php PHP 5.2.6 (Linux)
File Line Function
/admin/modules/user/module_meta.php 55 errorHandler->error
/admin/index.php 329 user_action_handler

When I deactivate the plugin the message goes away. When I opened the file there was no reference to awards

I was getting the same error and had not done the security upgrades yet. I've done them now and am no longer getting that error message.
I was using 1.4.1 and just upgraded to 1.4.2 and it now works
Looks really good Smile
Ahh...that explains it. The meta_module had a typo for the users category which screwed up plugins. I actually found that bug and reported it. It was fixed in 1.4.2. I will update the first post to reflect this.

EDIT: Also want to comment on the MYPS can expect this plugin to have a lot more features as it grows.
In the future will this contain automatic awards such as a user passing 100 posts (user-defined), an award is issued?

EDIT: Don't know if this is right place, but its to do with coding for this.

On the Administrators award is shows twice with a user on each (this is my modified code BTW). How can I make it so they appear together eg. user 1, user 2, user 3? I pulled the code from another section thinking it would list them but it didn't
Thanks for another great mod Labrocca! I can't wait to see what the future holds!
Quote:On the Administrators award is shows twice with a user on each (this is my modified code BTW).

Ugh..what are you trying to do? What's the query you are running? What was wrong with what's displayed?

btw..I hid a function...