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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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One of my favourite plugins on this forum . Smile
(Oct 19, 2009, 04:17 PM)SuperBorn Wrote: [ -> ]1 more thing, i only see the name of the award, i dont see the picture.. i read through the thread and tried everything but it still wont show up.
has anyone had this problem recently?

No, I dont, I see the Award. Do you modify something on the postbit? Is the Award image uploaded?
It takes time to load after you properly upload the picture.

Your image did not upload. Are you sure you are following instructions? I don't see a point in repeating them over and over and over again. READ THEM AND FOLLOW THEM. Each instruction will tell you EXACTLY how to get a plugin working. It's not rocket science. There are fundamentally easy plugins to install.
Reinstall it, and follow the steps again. I think you are uploading a bad image or with a changed format. But reinstall it.
It doesn't require a reinstall. It requires it being used properly.
(Oct 19, 2009, 09:12 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]It doesn't require a reinstall. It requires it being used properly.


Here is the solution:


1. Upload Files

2. Create folder /root/uploads/awards/ (already included in download too)

3. Chmod /root/uploads/awards/ to 777.

4. Activate in admincp the plugin "My Awards".

5. You can now go into admincp under "Users & Groups" and you will see the nav menu on left for "My Awards".

More Help? I dont know what type of help can help.
Last resort.

PM me admincp and FTP access. I'll tell you what you did wrong.
Well..guess what. You had a bad htaccess in your upload folder. Attachments or avatars wouldn't have worked either. I think it's the same htaccess that you have in your admin folder. This is a new one but again's not related to the plugin. I don't enjoy being the cleanup guy for a mess I didn't make.