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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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Will there be an option to delete a users award coming soon? I can do it through the DB but it would be nicer to do it through the admin cp.
You can do it in admincp by selecting recipients of an award.
Automatic awarding system would be a great addition.
I'm experiencing a bug, before & after the upgrade, I thought the upgrade may fix it.

Certain users if awarded the award, it'd go to another specific user instead.
And if I delete the award off that specified user's account, he'd get a negative award count.

Has anyone else experienced this?
It seems to not be letting me add awards. I have everything set up as you've explained.

Can you help me out?
What exactly doesn't work?

Have you made sure the uploads/awards folder is chmod 777?
Well, everything seems to be in place correctly, but when I go to AdminCP and try to add a new award it give me an error saying "There was an unknown error uploading your image."

The folder is CHMOD 777.
What image type are you uploading?
(Apr 13, 2010, 04:53 PM)x-Treme Wrote: [ -> ]What image type are you uploading?

I've tried PNG and JPG. The ones provided in the "extras" folder.