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Full Version: My Awards 1.3
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Okay, i've made progress, haha.

I've got the awards on a user's profile page, just not in the postibit. It won't go in the postibit, and those template changes have been made - well, they were there before i changed them at all.

One of my favourite plugins!

I have a problem with this plugin:
Looks fine in Firefox, Opera Internet Explorer:
[Image: 15dxe34.jpg]

But in Google chrome and Safari the awards don't go to the next line and deform the postbit:
[Image: m92hja.jpg]

Live: (For see it)

Any fix? Smile
Thanks Smile
Find this line in the plugin file:

$awards = "<span style=\"white-space:normal; width: 100%;\">";

Change the width to a pixel size like so:

$awards = "<span style=\"white-space:normal; width: 100px;\">";
Don't works Sad
I have to deactivate and Activate again?
That doesn't work, I saved the file on my desktop from the plug-ins folder then edited it and over write-ed it and activated the awards and tried it and still same bug. Now i lost about 100 awards and still the problem. Ill wait for the fix before adding them all again. Hope you can fix it labrocca its a great plug-in.
You didn't have to deactivate it. I never told you to do that. I just said to edit the file.

Can I get FTP to fix the layout then? Just add a member with 10 awards for testing.

I think somewhere in this thread the instructions exist. You should check.
PM sended with details and I search in the topic and nothing Sad
alv tell me if he fixes it for you. Thanks
(Jul 04, 2010, 02:30 PM)3KB Wrote: [ -> ]alv tell me if he fixes it for you. Thanks

Never get a reply :S