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Full Version: Black Hawk here...
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My name is Black Hawk. I am from one of Jesse's many other forums. I came here to learn more about MyBB and start one of my own forums one day.

Hi again Big Grin
Well you come to the correct place Black Hawk. Labrocca is the man to learn off. Now installing a copy of MyBB is easy. We will be able to guide you through the process no problems.
Awesome, thanks, lol.

I dont have a domain or anything, I assume I need one of those?
You can get a free one. With free hosting. There are many. Just google that and you will be good.
I suggest one with no adds or popups etc like but i imagine others will give better ideas.
Once you get one make sure it has php and mysql most important.

Once you get that let us know.
I got a and a thingy. I am currently setting it up with a friend of mine (Cbhacker) Wink
I think i know Cbhacker.... Well the name rings a bell... Cool as long as you have it sorted Black Hawk.
Yea, it is all cool Smile