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Full Version: Possibility to remove this?
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Is there any possibility to remove this whole line? And after removing is it possible to add Ficons, I mean will there be any incompatibility?

[Image: 85848122za9.jpg]

What I want to achieve is something like this

[Image: 74637652yl4.jpg]
Yes. Install ficons then on the same templates where ficons is displayed..remove the table data for the on-off images.
Thx for the reply, can you please give me more hints?

Is this the code that I need to modify?

id="mark_read_{$forum['fid']}" /></td><td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" valign="top" width="1"><img src="uploads/ficons/{$forum['ficon']}" alt="{$forum['description']}" /></td>

Ok I guess I figured it out, but now I've some other problem. I'll report back.
That's what you need to add to get the Ficons plugin... to get rid of the on/off images remove:

<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" valign="top" width="1"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/{$lightbulb['folder']}.gif" alt="{$lightbulb['altonoff']}" title="{$lightbulb['altonoff']}" class="ajax_mark_read" id="mark_read_{$forum['fid']}" /></td>

from forumbit_depth2_forum.
yes I did that, earlier but now am having some other problem. First I am trying to fix it myself, if I can't, I'll ask here Smile
Fixed the problem Smile I am happy now Big Grin