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Full Version: My Mood.
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Ok i have a little problem i cant work out at present.
Im sure its a simple one but anyway here goes.
I have My Mood installed and working fine. Now all i want to do is change the location on it from bottom to somewhere else. As image shows below.

[Image: 12240556305276_Capture.jpg]

Now when i try edit the postbit it does not appear there. As image below shows.

[Image: 12240557358119_Capture.jpg]

Be nice peoples.. Im not the smartest kid on the block when it comes to these sort of things.
Interesting, it's the same for me, I'd never noticed that. Maybe it's a similar thing as labrocca's sideboxes, i.e. there aren't any template edits...??
There is an issue with getting stuff to work in postbit_author_user. It's annoying to say the least.

I suggest you just add it to postbit after the call to the template. If you want it in postbit_author_user you may need to add some things to the function.