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Full Version: I am looking for...
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Hey there

I am looking for this list of Plugins that was reccomended to me by a friend:
Adds the PJIRC Java Applet to your board.
Created by Deactivate
Created by Tikitiki Deactivate

Portal Redirect (1.1.0)
Redirects users from the index page to the portal when they arrive each day. For MyBB 1.4.x.
Created by DennisTT Deactivate

Restricted private messages (2.0)
Restricted private messages
Created by CraKteR Deactivate

SEO Links! (1.1 Beta 1)
A plugin that does the SEO for links.
Created by Asad Khan Deactivate

Spoiler BBCode (1.4)
Hides text specified in the [spoiler] tag.
Created by Sephiroth Deactivate

Trash Can Forum (2.0)
Deleted Threads Will Automatically be moved to this forum
Created by CraKteR Deactivate

User Agent (1.4)
Shows icons and stats informing about poster's operating system and browser.
Created by bryn Deactivate Uninstall

Usergroup legends (2.0)
Shows Usergroups legends on the index.
Created by CraKteR Deactivate

YouTube BBCode (2.0)
Adds the tag ([youtube][/youtube]) to your forums to insert YouTube videos into posts.
Created by Jesse Labrocca
Anyone can Help?
I heard those are the best to have...

Anyhelp would be much appreciated...
how is it hard to use this....


some will be found here and some will be found from

have fun Wink and hope you find them.
Yes neither this forum nor the MyBB mods section are overly huge, it won't take you long to find them if you just try and search.
and BTW you are requesting in the wrong section too.