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Full Version: How can I do like a Paypal thing but with MYPS?
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Like a link up the top, how it has "Upgrade", how could I make one of those like it, and instead of using PayPal, they have to give up a certain ammount or Skillz (MYPS name on my forum,lol). Is there anyway of doing that?
Could you put the link to donate to your user?? Then they enter the amount to give you.
This is a request and suggestion. Please post in the right category here.

To reply...right now you can't unless you want to code your own plugin. This is planned for future release.
Ok, sorry I didn't realise.

I have no idea how to code, I will try and learn to or just wait untill the new releses come out, thank anyway.
You could do this manually without a plugin.

Create a dummy account and have your users donate to that account. Then check the donations, and manually upgrade them to the new usergroup. Takes more effort though, but it works. Pretty much what Matt_ suggested.
Ugh ...didn't lex make this for 1.2x?

I will be adding some heavy myps stuff in next version. For now just relax and wait.
I will do this untill Jesse does the heavy Myps stuff Wink