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Full Version: Legend Enters.
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Hello everyone. My name is -Legend (cant remember if it was me who registered Legend on here or not)

I am a professional web and graphics designer as well as an experienced webmaster and web developer. For forum skinning, I can be found skinning vBulletin and IPB skins, but I am a former freeware skinner aswell. I am very popular in the ProBoard and InvisionBoard scene.

I haven't really done anything MyBB related, nor do I plan on it (yet). I just came here to support a friend, labrocca, who I know from another forum.

Great site you have here. Smile
Hey is that you from NP?

What's up labrocca. NP?
Welcome to MyBBCentral. I hope you enjoy your stay.'re legend from HF. I know a few Legends.
Yea, that's me. Tongue
Welcome to the website!