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Full Version: [request] league betting mod
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so we do have now a great working points system, I´d like to request a plugin which makes it possible to bet on league-games (like soccer, basketball etc.). I´m using at the moment the program liga manager online (lmo). It doesn´t use any database, so it´s all in flatfiles. maybe it´s an idea to use it?
Yes a betting system is on my list of MYPS modules. But it may be some time before it's produced. If anyone else wants to take a stab at it they are welcome to it.
Yes a betting system is on founder list of MYPS modules
Oh man that would be awesome. My members would love to have one again. We had one when we were using vBulletin. It was called vbookie. My members had a great time betting on the NFL games for points.
I would love this lads as my site is all about sports Football soccer you name it and a betting system would be great thank's in advance

If i new how to make it i would give it a try, pmsl that's why am here lolk
Yes our Forum will looks more awsome .