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Full Version: Unforgiven Souls
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Well, don't let the name pust you off, lol, we just needed a name and we couldn't think of anything xD.

But I have recently set up my new website Big Grin
there is not many members or anything there, but we have just started and I am trying to get some more members, I would love it if anyone could join.
One thing I hate about people showcasing their sites is when you have to be logged in to do anything. 1, it's just a ploy to get people to sign up to be able to even see anything, and 2, I have no idea whatsoever what your forum is actually about, as I can't read any content, and I can't see how anyone will join if they don't know what the forum is even about.
I did put it like that so I could get some more members. But you have some really good points. I will change it when I get back from School.
Also I'll just apologise now if I came across as a bit brash, I didn't mean to Smile

What you can do if you want to get more members is allow them to see the board, but make them unable to view some forums (so they can see the name on the index but get a no perms when they click it), or the threads in some forums (so give them access to the thread listings but not access to the actual threads), and give them complete viewing access to some forums. So they can see some things, but not others. Then they'll be able to see what it's about, and you'll have a better chance of them joining. There's also a plugin floating about somewhere in MyBB world to set a limit for the number of threads guests can view before having to be logged in.
Don't worry, no problem Tongue

I will have a look for that plugin, and thanks for the ideas Smile

What a cool site! I like theme.
Also add a new logo.