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Full Version: MyBB Workshop - Splashing mybb with colour...
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I would like a 100% thorough review of my site. Halloween changes have been put in effect.

You should look out for slideshow and random colour changes when the page has been refreshed.

Thanks =]
All I'll say now is that I love the theme and the buttons you have. Question - how do you make it so the colours change on each page load??
It's a script I found on DynamicDrive. I have provided the link below, and our theme will be released to Premium soon. Premium will cost £3 for a year, and will be more focused on over free content.

Very nice! I like your forum! the header and the footer is good.
fantastic keep it up
sorry but site is not opening...
Nice forum post it on youtube
Why bumping an old thread ??
It is not loading for me for some reason.

WOW. I didn't realize it was grave dug so much
Get a TLD for your site mate