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Full Version: Downgrading?
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Well, I like all the plugins and that for MyBB 1.2, is it possible to "DownGrade" my software to that version? And if so, how?
Would I need to back up anything else ect?
May I ask why you would want to do that?
Well, it is mainly the fact because all the plug-ins ect are really good for MyBB 1.2. and they are not out on MyBB 1.4 atm. Before I actually put it on my website, I would test it out on My test website first.
Which plugins can't you find for 1.4?
I have to seriously discourage you from doing this. You will certainly regret it after a few months. The 1.4x plugins are coming out regularly. The fact is..there are no new 1.2x plugins. There also will not be too many security updates for 1.2x either. Rethink should be able to wait for whatever plugins aren't 1.4x yet to be released. I am sure it can't be too many.
All the good pluins I have seen have been for MyBB 1.2, I only want to try it out in my test forums to decide if I reaaaly like it or not.
Well you can use a test 1.2 forum if you really must but you can't downgrade a database from 1.4 to 1.2, so you'll have to use the last 1.2 backup you had. 1.4 is so much better than 1.2, there isn't a single 1.2 feature I miss or want back, and there aren't any plugins I haven't been able to get again either.
I have found MyBB 1.2.14, But I don't have a earlier back up, so I will just use this for my test forums, and maybe use it in a other website or something, I'm not sure yet.
Well yeah you can still test it fine, but even on another website, you'll be much better off with 1.4.x. Saying that I still have a test 1.2.14 forum incase I want to test anything on it.
I found 1.2.14... I hear some people have manually patched it, is that hard to do?
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