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Full Version: Delete old pms
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My PM db table has grown to 9 mB. Is there any way I to empty it? And AFAIK labrocca was going to make plugin for that, correct me if I'm wrong.
You mean like purge old PMs that are over a certain age?? Sounds good, but what if people want some of their old PMs??
Well I guess there should be a plugin to download pms. Like vb has these options

Download all Private Messages as:
XML | CSV | Text
There's a plugin calles "Private Message Admin". With it installed you are able to delete PMs like you wish.
Yeah, other people's... I think he wants to prune all of the ones over a certain age.
ya my Private Message Admin has around 400 pages of pms, its a PINTA to delete all.
The old version for MyBB 1.2.x had a prune function. Wondering why it isn't implented in the new version.