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Full Version: In The Header?
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Say i want to setup a subscription just like here, what would i need to do?

Ive downloaded the IPN mod, but what i mean how do i put the Upgrade Text at the top of the pages? so it goes to the upgrade page
Edit the header template. You can use the same source code as I have here. Just link to your subscribe.php and add whatever image and text you want for the link. Very simple.
Simple to those that know how to lol
Honest ive got no idea how to do it
In admincp go to templates. Find your themes templates and look for the "header" template. Now edit that. Do you know any html or how to read it. Just copy one of the existing list items <li></li> and change it for your own needs.
i think ive got it.
for example - all i need to enter is something like:
<li><a href=""><img src="" alt="subscribe to mybb central" title="upgrade" />Upgrade</a></li>

is that correct?
Hey! You got it. I prefer to help teach than to just tell. All that old fisherman stuff about teaching how to fish over just giving a fish to feed.
thank you for that