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Full Version: Auto Subscribe To Threads?
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What do you need to do to make it that all new members replying to threads get automatically notified of replies?

ie instead of a user going into usercp & selecting, its selected by default
Post is around here somewhere with a description how...Ugh..change default in phpmyadmin and run a query to alter all existing ones.
can you be abit more clear please
thank you for that
Did it work?? Test by registering and seeing what option is showing first.
i'll setup a test account soon & let you know how it went
You don't have to set one up, just see what shows on the registration page.
well it wont be for a while now, cos i have to do the WHOLE thing from scratch!
to cut a long story short, i was installing some mods, was testing my board.
Went to post & got an error something about querie table does not exist in lin.

So what im gonna do is re-install mybb, & test the board after i install each mod so i know which 1 caused the problem.

i Think i know which 1 done it, not 100% sure yet tho
I really don't recommed you do this. Imagine every thread being subscribed by every members posts. You will be sounding out possibly thousands on emails a day.
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