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Full Version: No Post Icons?
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Ive just installed mybb1.4.2 with the 'Somber' theme. Everything seems to be ok apart from 1 thing - The Post Icon feature!

when i go to make a new thread, the Post Icon: part isnt there!

how do i fix this?

Maybe only the image file is missing?
image file?
what do u mean?
The 'Add new post icons' is showing in admincp, but no post icons are showing up when i post a new thread
I have to admit that i don't really understand you...
let me try to explain..........
when you start a new thread, you see several things:

Post Icon

The post icon part isnt there!
Are all your templates default??
If you mean have i set the current theme as the default 1, yes i have
No no, are the templates in that theme default??
can u explain abit more pleaee
Is the template name in green??
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