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Full Version: REQ: Video Section
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Kind of like a picture gallery but for videos. Big Grin
that mod is only beta
So, try it on a test board first and see if it screws anything up.
also someone has reviewed it as the admin side has alot of turkish in it
That's not true. ACP and frontend are completely in english. And it works great at my site. No problems at all. Give it a try!
(Oct 26, 2008, 09:00 AM)Wintermute Wrote: [ -> ]

Not close to what I'm looking for. Wink I'll be more specific:

Quote:Kind of like a picture gallery but for user uploaded videos.
I think i know what Kujoe means.

Is it right your looking for something that a user can upload directly to your board & not link it from another site like youtube?
It's a video hosting script + gallery so users can upload a video to my server and there would be a public gallery or something. Smile
I think you're best of using some video sharing script then, and then finding a way to link up the user SQL tables.

Or you could allow video files to be uploaded via the attachment features, make a separate board just for videos, and request a latest attachments plugin. I'm sure that could be implemented more easily.
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