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Full Version: SOTW thingie
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You know what would be awesome? SOTW footer thingie (sig of the week/month) as a plugin

I was thinking.. That each week/month an user with the right 'rights', let's say for an example, mod/admin or anything else starts a thread.. Or an page! (page would cool but with the option of threads if anyone else is wanting that instead. Tongue)

These ofcourse should be done through admincp.

On the footer there would be an field for display of which user won that week/month along with some sort of trophy and his ofcourse work

Another page would be nice for looking at the previous winners of any week/month

The way users win this contest is by some kind of a rate system or just poll I guess.. The system has an end date and when that arrives the system automatically counts the votes and then displays according to those on the frontpage.

Auto PM
Auto pm sent to users who have won! Wink

That's just a few things I have thought about.. I had more in mind, but unfortionally everything kinda slipped my mind right away.. =____________=

Hope someone will agree that a plugin like this would be cool to have and the idea is worth enough time to have labrocca working on it. Wink
Yeah good idea, but it's too custom.

Maybe someone with a GFX board will make it, and hopefully share it. If you really want it right now, the best way of manually doing it would be to create a new section on the forum that gives only staff the right to make a thread. Then there should be two threads for each contest.

One thread for submissions and the other thread for voting. The voting will use the MyBB poll system.

As for showcasing the winner, I believe there's a plugin on the official MyBB site that displays some announcement over the forum, you can paste the SOTW winner there instead or use labrocca's ad system to accomplish this. It will show it on every page of the site though. Alternatively, in the forum description HTML is allowed, so you could paste the image there too.


blah blah blah
<--sotw winner-->

Other section
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