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Full Version: I Am Here! But Not All There :-)
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Hi my name is Victor W....

I have just started to use the MyBB software...I never knew even what a html code was until July of 2007. I had a friend at a site and wanted to start a site which I did and they suggested vbulletin software. That is all that I have used up to this point. The person that started me was my tech support, however when I started another site in September of 2007 they got mad and left me hanging and I didn't know anything. All I wanted to see is if I could put together a site which I did but it took a lot longer than I thought.

I don't know coding like most of you probably do so I feel very deprived on that issue as well. I would love to learn how to make styles, mods, and oh yeah even website templates, but not sure if I have the knowledge and or the time anymore.

So I have two licenses with vbulletin and one in which I thought that I had sold so I googled forum software and came up with MyBB software. I have used phpbb before and don't like it at all. But to each there own. So far though I have found that MyBB is pretty cool Smile and seems to be pretty simple. Now I just found out about the portal thinnggiieeee and I am sure that vbulletin has that also, but never knew of it until today when I was checking out MyBB stuff. So now I am trying to figure out how to edit the portal cause right now it is showing our policy that I made up on one of my sites. Not sure if I am suppose to put a link here but if not I am sure someone will remove it Smile Sobriety Rebuilt

Oh shoot did I forget to tell you that I am in Recovery from Drug and Alcohol addiction? Well I am and it isn't a easy thing to do...But I continue to try each day to do the best I can and be the best that I can to help others. OK enough about me LOL
Welcome to MyBBCentral. I hope you enjoy your stay.