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Full Version: Noobs+Spam
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There are a bunch of people from my forum who decided they needed to steal all my content and make their own forum and now they are making accounts as fast as they can and spamming. I have already added a proxy killer from this site but i fear it wont be enough. Maybe they have a dynamic ip or something?
Help me here >_<
What are they doing with the accounts they make?? Akismet may be able to do something for you.
Well they are mostly just spamming the shoutbox for now but who knows what they will do if i leave.
That is 1 of the reasons why i dont like shout boxes
A) Shoutboxes are a terrible you know partially why
B) Raise flood control for posts to 60 seconds...more if it continues
C) Never let the spammers make you sweat. Seriously if you get emotional they love it. Also delete their posts asap. Don't allow members to perpetuate the drama. If you ignore the spammers..they eventually tire and just go away.
D) Use my min posts for PM plugin (Minimim Suite) and require 10 or more posts before PMs can be used. This will prevent new signup spammers
E) Install Ryan Gordons plugin PM Admin and read some PMs. It's important to see who is involved in may have regular members you will need to ban that are participating in the spamming
F) If they have stolen your content then contact their host. Write a professional sounding email about the copyright infringment and you require them to remove such content. If they are using a free host it's likely you will get their account shut down.
G) Oh forgot...use the word censor. It's very effective. Censor their new url..make it your own. If they are and you are then just use censor to make their url yours. Gonna make it harder for them to link and they may not even notice the censoring. Members will just be clicking links to your own site. Smile

Hope that helps.
Thank you labrocca thats a great help some of that i was already doing but some i want Big Grin
Hopefully this will solve my problem.

Edit: He is still doing it but at least i filtered his words now and its confined to the shoutbox. I wasnt able to find that plugin you were talking about that could make it so he cant pm until 10 posts but that would be very helpful.