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Full Version: My website and forum
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my hacking website: [DELETED]
my hack forums: [DELETED]

Tell me what you think and how i can upgrade it.

thank you
No match for
i know that Tongue but i want it to become just as good =)
well i have to admit its a very nice theme
Thanks, any improvements you think i need?
You're banned for copying my site and descriptions.

I guess people like that should be more careful.

Is it against the rules to 'copy' another persons forum then?
Well not the rules but you're a bit of a c*nt if you do. Especially as labrocca makes money from it and it's so big.
True. He was obviously not very creative & had no imagination
It's not against the rules it's against copyright law.

I just had an email convo with his dad as he is requesting a refund. I wonder how aware he was of his sons activities.
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