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Full Version: Center MyCode?
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can someone please let me know how to create this
[ align=center ]Text[ /align ]

It already exists o.O
forgive me if im wrong, but i said center, not align center!

ie i want to create a code that just has center

Are you so lazy you can't type "align=" ??

That's the standard mybb alignment code for center. It makes sense because you can use it to align left, right, or center.
Lazy? Lazy is not reporting a member when a subscriber gets abuse

Anyway, to cut a long story short, i cant be that lazy as ive just created a custom center tag.
IMHO the time you spent creating it is probably more than all the time you would have spent typing align=
ive always preferred plain & simple center.

Anyway as i said, ive sorted it, end of
I hope you're not using
html tags as they are not XHTML compliant.
it works never the less
Alright then I am locking this. You appear happy with the results.