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Full Version: Simple little plugin
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Well you know how in IPB, and Mybb where it says

Welcome back, bk2070. You last visited: Oct 18, 2008, 07:04 PM

Your username, in this case it's bk2070, would be clickable. I wondering if this can be done in mybb. I know it seems like a simple stupid mod, but I would like to have this option open.

Is there like a template edit or something to get this to work?
Just alter the inc/languages/english/globab.php

You want to change this:

Quote:$l['welcome_back'] = "<strong>Welcome back, {1}</strong>. You last visited: {2}";

Or alter the header_welcomeblock_member template.

One of them will get it done.
Ok thanks labrocca Smile
I haven't understood what change in IPB and MyBB?
In IPB, clicking your username in the welcomeblock takes you to your profile, but in MyBB, it doesn't.
Now I undesrtood, thank you!