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Full Version: MyIPN Time Period
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In the myipn settings, where it says time period, what would you pick for monthly?

ie it states monthly 1-24

What does that exactly mean?
That's how many months is lasts?? Surely this didn't need it's own thread, there's the MyIPN thread...
so its not an on going subscription then?
No you have to renew it, hence there being the time options. For instance you can make it last 1 month or 5 years.
then once the subscription is over, the 'subscriber' goes back to being a normal member or re-subscribes?
i think i get it
Well actually I think it automatically resubscribes you but you pay again.
A subscription is a service you sign up for that unless cancelled is billed repeatedly. The time-period is the billing cycle. If you want them billed every 3 months use "3" for "time" and "month" for "period". Now unless the person cancel their subscription after 3 months they will get billed again automatically by paypal and their group will not change. If they cancel then once the 3 months are up they are placed back into the assigned group in settings (Ending Group).
thank you. thats very helpful