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Full Version: SQL Error - URGENT!
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im in urgent need of some help here.

Ive been building / configuring my forum for a few days now, everything was going great, until an hour ago!

went into admincp & under 'Configuration', i got this message come up:
[Image: sqlerror.jpg]

Can anyone tell me whats going on? & how to fix it
Did you delete something? That error isn't enough to see the problem. Are you sure you haven't deleted something important in the database?
He said the last thing he did was upload some plugin files in the MyBB community forum.
nothing was deleted.

I installed the same plugin on my wife's forum & it worked perfectly! but the error is on my forum!
Now BOTH of our forums (configuration) have the same error
You should provide as much info as you can when you want help.

What's the site?

What was the plugin? It would seem that since both sites have an issue that this plugin would be the problem. Have you tried to delete it?
Ive been doing some tests. It seems that the issue laid with my servers tmp folder - it was getting too full!
Both forums are working 100% now, nothing wrong with the plugin btw
Good... I suggest you mention that on the MyBB forums just to tie it up.
Already have
Well you hadn't when I mentioned it, hence me mentioning it Smile
What was the plugin? Since error is now on both...don't you believe you should deactivate or delete the plugin file?

Is the plugin 1.4x compatible?
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