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Full Version: More then 1 mybb, same user database?
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I was wondering if it would be possible to have:
Lets say:
1 MyBB is already up, it has over 100 members would it be possible to make another MyBB different domain, (but same webhosting) to share the same use database so that if user XX registers on site A, he can also log in perfectly fine at site B, and vice versa.
The Easiest thing to do is set your re-direct to the new url.
1. Close your board
2. make a database backup
3. setup mybb on the new domain
4. restore the backup to the new url forum
5. set re-direct
no no no, i want both of the forums up and sharing the same users. So users can simply go to the other site and log in and still keep their settings.
Why on earth would you want that?
They cant goto 2 different forums at the same time
one forum is for something different then the other.

I would want this so that they don't have to register again, and also so that their settings are saved too.
well u cud transfer the member database over
(Nov 06, 2008, 01:44 AM)daz25 Wrote: [ -> ]well u cud transfer the member database over

No you don't get it, they want to have the users on 2 forums simultaneously, when they're updated on one, they're updated on the other.

The main problem I see with doing that is things like post count and stuff.
Why don't you just open a new subforum?
This is going to require some core file changes...a lot actually. This means any updates will break your forum. You will need a custom solution and unfortunately I have no desire to work on this. Sorry.
yes, i remember now.
I can remember editing some files a few years ago when i was using phpbb. Not tried it with mybb though
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